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Build and Installation

O2 uses CMake. For Windows and Mac, use CMake to build a solution or project for Visual Studio or Xcode, then build the ALL_BUILD project.

For Linux, use "ccmake ." to create a Makefile, then run make.

Currently, there is no installer -- you should explicitly link to libo2_static.a. Note that we only build a static library using the current CMakeLists.txt configuration file.

O2 is not compatible with recent changes in C compilers enabled by the _FORTIFY_SOURCE macro. Therefore, we pass the command line flag -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE to the compiler, and you may see some associated warnings. (We're currently investigating how to best to get otherwise correct code to compile without disabling the FORTIFY option or generate warnings.)

Helpful Hints

If O2 is not making connections or discovering services: